“The Power To Provision Instantly On Any Cloud Provider Without Buying More Gear or The Pain of Rack And Stack In Your Data Center! “


Get Started And Connect To A Desktop In 5 Minutes!

CloudCenter is your User Management and WorkSpace Creation for Virtual Desktops and Servers in the Cloud. We generate a secure, dedicated, isolated work area in your company’s own Cloud Provider account, and your users hit the ground running in less than 5 minutes.

A simple departure from the data center.

From the beginning when we designed CloudCenter, we faced the challenge of reducing the biggest initial expense for businesses.  The answer was simple enough, leap frog over the need to buy expensive hardware and the need to run it in a Data Center.  We sourced the best Cloud Providers in the industry for CloudCenter to command. Sometimes you need both.  We added the ability to tap into the big players as well as your own gear.  The biggest impact we made was the introduction of power consumption policies, saving energy consumption when you are not connected, until you need it. CloudCenter wakes up your WorkSpace when it’s time to get back to it, saving not only power, but thousands in monthly recurring cloud bills.

To GET STARTED You Will Need

CloudCenter connects to your provider of choice, using your own account. Choose a domain name ahead of time and provide a security certificate. SSL.

CloudCenter BUILDS Your Cloud

During registration, your Center Admin account is created.  Everything that is needed to provide WorkSpaces is done quickly. Remove complexity.

CONNECT. Your Cloud WorkSpace

Follow the easy steps presented in the console. Connect to your WorkSpace using the smoothest experience available today. Fast. PCoIP or RDP.

CloudCenter 5 Minute Demo Video

Watch how easy it is to “GET STARTED And Connect To The Desktop In 5 Minutes”

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WorkSpace delivery infrastructure. Less.

What is truly radical is the speed to deliver a desktop on any cloud. Anywhere.

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